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A bit more then a week ago, C-heads magazine posted an article about me and size (that you can find here). What is size and what is the "perfect size". I would be really happy if you guys wanted to go in and read it and say what you think about it.

A couple of days ago two girls wrote to me on Instagram and told me that someone have translated the article, in to thai. This makes me so happy and the girls comments makes me even more happy, so happy that I wanna write an post about it.

Size for me is a really sensitive subject, both because I work as a model and because I'm a human being. I think everyone wanna change something on their body, maybe even different things different days. I love my body as the way it is, but at the same time I have my days when I just wanna wear a big black bag on myself cause I don't feel comfortable, with or without clothes. All the time when I have had shoots people always compliment my face, over and over again. And I'm just sitting there and thinking "what about my body?". Modeling is a job where you will here the "truth", or the fashion markets truth. I have learned how to think , and If I don't get a job it's not because something is wrong with me, it's just that the client want something else.

Every one is different and that's what makes you amazing. I have cellulites, stretch marks and fat on my body and you know what, that's fully normal! I'm not gonna say that I always like them, cause I don't, but that's the way I look, which makes me who I am. I know there's loads of people out there that's scared that someone will dislike you just because you look the way you do. A couple of months ago I was sitting next to a guy, who has all my respect because he give me the respect that I deserve as a person, a woman. I moved away from him and pulled my shorts down a bit cause he could see my stretch marks, we started to talk about things we don't like on our bodys and I showed my stretch marks. He's reaction was, "that's what makes you beautiful", my flaws makes me beautiful. I'll never forget that moment, cause for me that's so true, your flaws can be beautiful.

I'm proud to be a woman and I'm proud to have curves on my body, even if I have such a hard time to find clothes that fits me I still love my body. Every one of you out there, girls and boys, woman and men, people. You should love yourself exactly as you are, as long as you listen to you own body and do as it says. It's really important to give your body everything it needs, you only got one body so take care of it.

Since a couple of months back I've actually started to listen to my body and guys you know what, on my shoots I actually gets more compliments for my body too. And I don't think it has to do with my size at all, I think it's because I'm happy with myself and my body is happy with me, so just embrace who you are!